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College Debt Services (CDS) provides industry eligibility for the PSLF program. We focus primarily on student loan borrowers that do not work within the public service industry, qualify for the 10 year Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program launched by Congress in 2007.

College Debt Services has partnered with The White House and The U.S Department of Education’s, Student Debt Challenge program. This initiative is designed to eliminate borrowers from entering into default, through illuminating Income Driven repayment plans.


CDS is designed to provide industry eligibility for the 10 year Loan Forgiveness program. One of the requirements states that loan borrowers must be enrolled into one of the four Income Driven repayment plans.

$1.3 Trillion 

In Student Debt Nationally


Average Debt per College Graduate

50 million

People Have Student Debt

In 2007 Congress launched a 10 year student loan forgiveness program, called Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. College Debt Services focus exclusively on qualifying everyone with federal student loans for the program. We are a PSLF industry eligibility provider.


We are proud to announce No Cost, No Fees, and No Charge for our services. We are here to truly help student loan borrowers.



Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have Federal Student Loan.

  • Must owe more then $10,000.



We have been able to identify organizations that provide industry eligibility for the 10 year Loan Forgiveness program.  Even if borrowers are currently working a full time job, the network of charities will make accommodations to fit around your work lifestyle to meet the requirements.


How to Manage Your Student Loans!








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