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One simple question,

How can we increase involvement in the nonprofit sector? We wanted to understand why people are active with nonprofits and importantly, why people do not allocate time to inner city communities. So, we did the research, read tons of literature, and conducted surveys to get a better understanding. We concluded that the ability to serve is a privilege that not everyone can allocate time to or afford to do without incentive.

College Debt Services empowers charitable activity by creating a pathway to meaningful task-based project opportunities at social impact organizations, while helping federal student loan borrowers qualifying for the 10 year Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

We then created a new approach that would enable more people to reap the benefits by contributing to their communities. College Debt Services has identified charitable organizations that host task-based project opportunities and provide eligibility for the Income Based 10 year Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

So we did something BOLD and different and went out and created relationships with over 100 nonprofits. Borrowers provide the needed skills to complete projects at social impact organizations. Charities reward active staff that helped to complete projects by filling out an Employment Certification Form, which is direct eligibility for the 10 year Loan Forgiveness Program.

Since then, we've been helping student loan borrowers who give back, pay back. Charitable organizations list projects and CDS find the talent they need. Borrowers find projects and build their skills by doing something they love and high-risk communities get the help that they need. It's a win-win-win!

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