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We can change graduates financial lives forever

Graduates with federal student loans in default:


  • Get out of default

  • Consolidate

  • Enroll in an Income Driven Repayment Plan

  • Maybe eligible for a $0 monthly payment, for 12 months



Graduates with federal student loans in repayment:


  • Enroll in an Income Driven Repayment Plan

  • Maybe eligible for a $0 monthly payment, for 12 months

  • Industry eligibility for the (PSLF) program

  • Enroll in the 10 year student loan forgiveness program

  • Lower monthly payments

  • Save 10 – 20 years off student loan repayment terms



  • EBooks

  • Webinars

  • Live Podcast

  • Provide Workshops

  • Social Media

  • Career Fairs


Student Debt Challenge Enrollment

Action Summary


CDS plans to educate and distribute critical information to federal student loan borrowers through a series of webinars, free downloadable EBooks, Live Podcast, Educate HR leaders, and provide workshops to initiate and engage our clients with up to date information pertaining to the PAYE repayment plan. Our target count is to reach over 20,000 federal student loan borrowers.


Action Details


We will enroll colleges, universities, financial and healthcare institutions with student loan borrowers exercise their options for their loan forgiveness pay as you earn (PAYE) opportunities and consequently community service.


CDS has researched the myriad of degree having individuals with key skills that, unfortunately, have not been exposed the current government Student Debt Challenge. CDS believes that these industries also contains precious human capital that when engaged can help support public service fields targeting community objectives and community building programs.


The on-going efforts for College Debt Services are simple.  We want to work with our target market to encourage a financial health for our people and their communities. We are committed to creating debt elimination which will help new graduates better plan for their futures, and those that have graduated some time ago but still have ample student loan debt, find additional resources to fulfill their dreams, no matter where they are in life.  By keeping loan borrowers current with their monthly payments, there by building essential credit lines, CDS can assist families with the freedom to choose, increase savings, increased security and live free and clear.


Once families are living free and clear thus get on the road to financial health, such as create a healthy debt to income ratio, we can introduce guest speakers and lecturers to help them buy a home, qualify for better quality insurance rates, avoid paying deposits on utilities, cell phones and start a family. Our goal is to create access to a network which enables our clients to have 360 degree financial health education options as well.

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